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    past news

  • | + Anderson Cooper + |

    Pictures here

    | + Friday, July 29, 2005 + |

    Ann: Last night I had a dream that Anderson Cooper was a big Strawberry...I dipped him in Chocolate and licked him clean...But I didn't put him in my mouth and chew on him cause I didn't want to hurt him.

    And the night before I had a dream that Anderson Cooper was Spiderman and he wrapped me in his web and kissed in a dark alley while hang'in upside down...and now that Anderson has done all the reports from Niger to help the starving people of Africa...it makes me so proud to have a tattoo of Spider Anderson on my ass.

    >> posted by LaJuan on 1:03 PM.

    | + Saturday, July 16, 2005 + |

    Ann: This is some fan internet love talk over the absence of Anderson Cooper being gone on vacation and returning.

    anderson's back: I'm as giddy as a 13yr old catholic girl who missed her period.

    Mysterygirl: That is funny! I loved hearing Big Ben chime behind Anderson last night as he wrapped up the show.

    Is Everyone Happy Now?: Anderson is back and looking hot. A tired Anderson is hotter than most men are when they're well-rested.
    AC ALWAYS brings the sexy!

    freedom!: Because every single teensy tiny cell in his gorgeous body is oh so SEXY. Anderson Cooper oozes the royal hottness. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    Is Everyone Happy Now?: Hell yeah! Seriously, mind-blowing HOTNESS (sorry for the colorful language, but ya gotta blame AC for that)

    Lana: Anderson's beautiful smile can charm a bird off a tree.

    Anderlove: His smile could charm all kinds of things off me... ;D

    Heartlandstamper: Any one notice the shot of Anderson in his socks when he was talking to Mohammed Kozbar in the Mosque.

    Neptune: Yes, I saw him wiggling his toes a little. Now that was a first, I never expected to ever see Anderson without his shoes on.

    Molly: Hey Neptune, I'd suck on Anderson's toes, anytime he bares them.

    Sherri: Anderson Cooper will you marry me?

    Ann: Stand in line Sherri...Just stand in line.

    BiG Bull Butch: That's right Sherri! Stand in line I get him first. You can have him after I've had my way with him.

    Pics from Lynn University, Boca Raton, FL. January 14, 2005
    Scroll down to Anderson's "The Dively Frontiers Globalization Lecture.


  • Anderson Cooper Talk

  • >> posted by LaJuan on 9:34 AM.


    Ann: If Anderson Cooper farted, I bet it would taste good.
    If Anderson Cooper committed a felony, I'd go to jail for him.
    And if Anderson Cooper is a sinner, I'll go to HELL for him.

    I'm saying this while drinking a beer(BURP!!!)...I may feel differently when satin sticks a pitchfork up my ass.

    Phoenix: I've been here for over a year too, and I'm sure everything isn't what it appears to be. But I don't see that any moles or players or multiple personalities make any difference. It's a great board and there's almost always something interesting or funny going on, excitement about something, and likeable posters (and I think the trolls are amusing too).

    Ann: You can join in the fun lov'in talk too at the Anderson Cooper Fan talk site. Here's the link:

  • Anderson Cooper Talk

  • >> posted by LaJuan on 9:02 AM.

    All For The Love Of Anderson

    Ann: O'le for the love of Anderson Cooper:
    If Anderson Cooper was a car...He could drive all over me.
    If Anderson Cooper was a door...I'd live in his crack.
    If Anderson Cooper was a dog...I'd be a tick on his back.
    If Anderson was a disease...I'd go out of my way to caught it.

    Angelfox20032000: We do love our Anderbaby, no doubt about that.


    A Fan in Ohio: And anyone and everyone who is an Anderfan is welcome to join

    The delightful big O: Who needs to focus on anything else
    when you're on this board but that delicious, sweet, gorgeous
    man ~ ANDERSON! whewwwwwwwww weeeeeeeeeee!

    Ann: If Anderson needed food...I'd fry up my own leg
    If Anderson needed a heart...I'd cut out mine
    If Anderson wanted to be a woman...I'd donate my ovaries
    If Anderson needed a place to live...I'd open up my womb so he
    could gently float in my bodily fluid while attached to me by
    embilicord and I would be such a happy Andermomma

  • Anderson Cooper Talk

  • >> posted by LaJuan on 8:22 AM.

    Talk on The Funny of Anderson

    xox: Anderson was so funny last night. It was funny when he was kind of interrupting Erica with those strange "cooter" noises and she told him to hold it until she finished her report, she must have thought she'd lose it if he didn't stop. The Daily Show segment was good, I figured he would talk about it. Jon Stewart and that entire DS team are incredibly smart and hysterically funny, I love that show. Anderson was also funny when he compared Wolf Blitzer to a pesky uninvited guest for the summer. Anderson and 360 are totally unique, it's amazing how he can pull off the lighter stories after doing a more serious one.

    loverofAC13: He was funny tonight. When he makes humor about himself, I like it, because you never see any other anchors doing anything like that. He's intelligent, funny, and sexy. How can you not love him?

    Lisa71: He was funny tonight. I like it when he's not as serious. I know certain stories call for more serious reporting (and that's appropriate) but I do like it when he puts some funny lines in. It's just refreshing to see a newsman with a personality! Can't believe he knows the Roscoe laugh. Does this mean he watched the Dukes? LOL

    Ann: Anderson is the batteries in my vibrator
    He's the sugar in my coffee
    He's the milk in my breast
    He's the ach in my insides
    If I had to chose between Anderson Cooper and Oxygen I would just have to die.

    Beffie: I loved it last night when Anderson said the piece of sign that almost "killed" him was only selling on ebay for 20.00! "Come on! guys, that thing almost made 180 out of me!" he said, laughing.

  • Anderson Cooper Talk

  • >> posted by LaJuan on 8:07 AM.

    Anderson Cooper's Fans Want to Teach Him Sports

    A Fan in Ohio: Since Anderson doesn't know anything about (sports) or just doesn't care for sports, I offer my services to teach him all about football. ;)

    Sunshinelove: I'd tackle his body any day.

    think before you speak: Me, too Ohio. (raises hand) And hockey and baseball and racing cars and ....sorry, I carried away.

    Colleen in Canada: I shall teach him about figure skating and curling

    Sunshinelove: I'd like to teach Anderson the sport of mating.

  • Anderson Cooper Talk

  • >> posted by LaJuan on 6:32 AM.

    | + Monday, July 11, 2005 + |


    The delightful big O: The television networks had considerably more resources at their disposal for coverage of Hurricane Dennis in the Florida panhandle. TV anchors braved the high winds on Sunday, seemingly looking for the Dan Rather effect. In particular Anderson Cooper on CNN called in the network's correspondents while being pelted with heavy rain. When at one point, CNN's Miami correspondent John Zarella shouted, "We're not protected," Cooper shot back. "My mom is watching. Chill out on that a little bit!" (Cooper's mom is Gloria Vanderbilt.) In the background trees could be seen snapping in the wind and flying through the air. "You have a leaf on your eye," Cooper remarked to Zarella at one point, then removed it. At another point, a hotel sign crashed near where the men were standing. "Look out! Get back!" yelled Zarella. By contrast, Fox News Network was struck by a series of technical glitches and shaky images. FOX News Live (weekend edition) host Brian Wilson reported at one point, "We actually lost a satellite truck today as the winds blew it over on its side."Fox correspondent Steve Harrigan's reports were frequently interrupted by signal failures, causing Wilson to remark repeated, "Please bear with us." All networks invited people in the area to send them home video from their vantage points, with MSNBC setting up a separate address for the "citizen
    journalists" -- cj@msnbc.com. With rumors continuing to spread that Chief Justice William Rehnquist may announce his resignation from the Supreme Court this week, CNN/U.S. chief Jon Klein told USA Today: "I feel like we're fighting a war on three fronts and maybe four."

    Anderlove: Anderson has caught the bug. He is officially now a hurricane geek. He said it himself on Monday when he was talking to Jeff Flock, I can't say I blame him either.

    >> posted by LaJuan on 8:26 AM.


    Ann: Anderson Cooper has many fans on the Internet...You can tell that by going to the Anderson Cooper discussion board and talking to his fans. When asked if you could ask Anderson Cooper any 3 questions what would it be? And these are some of the fun loving answers I got from his fans. Can you think of any to add to the list?

    Snoopy Fan: I have a question for the "If you could ask Anderson" list: If you couldn't do journalism anymore, what would you do and why? Thought of another one: Do you think your dad would have been proud of you if he were still here?

    San: R these daft enough for you?
    1) How much is that newsman in the window?
    2) If I walked New York naked, would u cover the story?
    3) If I said you had a newsworthy body, would you hold it against me?

    Sammy123: Just to slightly rephrase one of the questions for Anderson: If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?

    San: How about-
    1)how long is the chain on a news anchor man?
    2)if i was a suit would you wear me with style?
    3)do you look a wally in a hat?

    Ann: San my top 3 question for Anderson Cooper...
    1. Do you like blonds?
    2. How close can I get to you?
    2. I've seen you on your show 360...Now can you show me the rest of you?
    3...Opps that was 3...sorry I'm kinda stupid. Dumb blond in the house.

    San: Top 3 questions 4 Anderson what r yours?
    1) Do u see a future in politics 4 yourself?
    2) If a film was made of your life who would play you?
    3) Do you miss being out in the field(I don't mean the one with cows in)

    Ann: San technically that is 9 question's, but that is OK cause we know Anderson gets you all excited.

  • Anderson Cooper Talk

  • >> posted by LaJuan on 8:25 AM.


    Ann: Anderson Cooper has fans on the internet that think he is better than a pot of gold...Read some of their fun comments and love talk on Anderson Cooper's hair.

    Anderfan: Well, if you want more pics of Anderson in action (or just to see him in his PJ's), check out the following site I stumbled on:

    JC3: Anderson needs to get his hair cut and he will very soon. Usually it is every 2 weeks. He looks much sexier with the extremely short hair. A military Daddy in a Prada suit! Could anyone be more hot? He needs to give me a few direct orders.

    sammy123: Keep growing your hair, Anderson. How about that rugged outdoorsey look? nah, not you, but he looks better with it longer. wouldn't we all want to know who he is dating. but that is his business. Little Anderson has a little freckle or a chicken pox scar on his right cheek. cute.

    TK: I agree with you, jc3. He looks much sexier with the short hair. He once wrote in the Details magazine "keep it short" is the most important thing about gray hair.
    And he's right!

    sammy123: Maybe it is just his "bangs" sometimes he has them cut so short they can't comb to the side, they are straight forward. They are better now, maybe that is what I like better.

    Anderfan: For being 36 he sure doesn't look it! He holds his age really well. Even with his salt-n-pepper hair he looks young.

    sammy123: I would say Anderson's hair almost looks more white now than salt and pepper gray. But his face make him youthful. His mother is 80. Keep your bangs longer and to the side, Anderson. Looks better for a TV show. Even if you cut the rest short.

    Ann: Gosh all this love talk on Anderson's hair has got me thinking...If I went out and colored my hair gray do you think people would like me as much as Anderson? Well...Probably not Hun? Now if I was a leprechaun, who gave out pots of gold...than maybe folks would love me like they do Anderson. Oh yeah by the way I hope you all have a happy St Patties day. Sorry I'm not giving out any money.
  • Anderson Cooper Talk

  • >> posted by LaJuan on 8:24 AM.

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